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Tumble Media has unmatched experience in the kids' podcast ecosystem, with rare insight and vision. We have pioneered research into the children’s podcast audience through our work with Edison Research, the National Science Foundation, and Kids Listen. Our perspective and guidance can help you carve out a unique space to engage your audience in a brand new way.


Are you thinking about how to:


  • Get real and actionable data about kids’ podcasts?

  • Incorporate podcasts into your children’s brand? 

  • Leverage the power of audio-first storytelling for learning? 

  • Develop and produce a kids’ podcast?

  • Get meaningful feedback on an idea for a kids’ podcast or existing show?


Tumble Media is now offering consulting services for kids’ podcasts - bringing our unmatched expertise, experience, and research to help companies and individuals answer essential questions and create high-quality audio content for kids, families, and schools. 


We can help you with: 

  • Kids’ Podcast Expertise: With research-based insights and nearly a decade of experience, we can get you up to speed on the evolving landscape of kids’ podcasts and audio, and help your team make critical decisions about how to enter the space.

  • Strategy Development: Working together, we’ll create strategies to put your best foot forward into creating engaging audio-first content, reaching new audiences in a sustainable and smart way.

  • Education: We’re doing groundbreaking research into the power of podcasts in the classroom, and innovating new audio products that actually work for teachers’ needs. We can recommend best practices for podcast design, supplementary materials, and standards-aligned for K-8 classrooms. 

  • Podcast Development: We’ll work with you to create a unique podcast concept that fit kids’ interests, and engage the whole family in co-listening. 

  • Kids’ Podcast Review: Do you have an existing podcast? We will listen and identify areas for targeted improvement, from sustainable production techniques to increasing audience engagement.


Note: We do not offer marketing or PR support, beyond our knowledge of best practices and resources in these areas.


Contact with “Consulting” in the subject line, and tell us about your needs to learn more about our rates and packages.


Below is a list of Tumble Media Consulting Services. We will provide notice by email if we are close to the time allotted within the package, and make suggestions of how to prioritize work towards our goal.


Full initial Consultation

Deciding whether to make a kids’ podcast? We’ll give you the knowledge and decision-making tools to steer you in the right direction. With a data-backed presentation of the kids’ podcast space and audience, we’ll help you evaluate the specific opportunities for your podcast. We’ll go over the basics of podcast monetization, and focus on principles for audio-first storytelling and production. We’ll also have time for questions. The goal of this call is to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about whether to move forward with podcasting.


Fast Track Development package

Ready to get started? This package gets your podcast off the ground and ready for production. After a two hour kickoff meeting, we’ll meet for an hour on a weekly basis to guide you through the process of developing your podcast from concept to ready for production. This will include strategizing the podcast to fit within your goals and budget, designing an outline for a show that will engage both kids and adults, and creating a plan for production.


Slow Burn Development

The “slow burn” takes the above process on a more relaxed timeline, and can be stretched out or compressed as needed.


Podcast Production


If we decide to work together on producing the podcast, budget will be determined in the development process. If we determine that the project is best served by other production partners, we will provide two personal recommendations as part of the development process.


Hourly-as-needed conversation - outside packages


Looking for industry advice? Want someone knowledgeable to brainstorm ideas with you? Seeking feedback on a specific project that’s already in the works? You can book time on a one off-basis.


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