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Broader Impacts

Your Research Can Inspire Young Minds

Education is at the core of Tumble Media. We work with researchers, scientific organizations, and institutions to create meaningful and effective K-12 outreach. Our productions can help fulfill NSF's Broader Impact requirements. We offer high-quality audio services with impressive metrics to help quantify your reach. 


Award-winning Science Journalism

Story-Driven Approach

Promote Science Literacy

Showcase Scientific Process

Humanize Scientists

Connect with Kids’ Own Curiosity


of kids are engaged just listening


of kids listens more than once


of parents listen along with their kids

Ways to Reach an

Excited & Engaged Audience

Custom Episode on Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

Tell your story through a Tumble episode. We translate your research into an engaging science story that will reach over 70,000 kids, parents, and teachers. It is a simple, five-step process using under 2 hours of your time. A custom episode is a great option for educational outreach portions of grants. 


*Tumble maintains editorial independence


Custom Podcast Series

Collaborating together we can help develop and produce a standalone podcast branded to your institution. Tumble Media offers full service, high-quality production support from ideation to promotional strategy. 


Audio Courses 

Audio stories can go beyond podcasting. We are excited to create innovative educational content and tools for learning. Audio courses create a screen-free, immersive space for learning and exploring. Leveraging our education expertise, the content will align to NGSS standards and create supplemental materials. 

Listen to an Example

Dr. Danielle Tullman-Ercek worked with Tumble to turn her synthetic biology research into the tale of an epic science showdown.




average new episode listens

* Key metrics for Tumble Science Podcast for Kids  as of February 2020


average monthly downloads

5 million

all time listens

Over 50% of listeners tune into older episodes, which means your episode will always have new listens


Ready to start your next outreach project?

Have other ideas of ways to work together for on educational? Tell us! 

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